About Us

Givetabs.org are a team of designers, developers and entrepreneurs who believe that small donations in large volumes can make a real difference to the causes that need it.

The Givetabs.org focus is to provide a platform for users to go about their daily browsing tasks whilst collecting donations from our advertisers as you open new tabs online. An example of the adverts you see as you browse online are previewed below.

When you see these adverts, advertisers are paying to be seen and a % of this advertiser spend goes towards helping people in need via charitable donations.

In a world where things are so fast paced it is sometimes difficult to find the time to donate to the people that need help.

The Givetabs.org browser was designed to combat this and make giving less intrusive and part of our daily lives.

our TEAM:

David Gordon

Senior Developer


Patricia Hawks

Senior Designer


Jamie Prichard

Digital Advertising


Eric Stone

Design Team


Jennifer Sorrell

Public Relations


Edna Doyle

Charity Coordinator